Global Issues, Cultural Perspectives

Global Issues, Cultural Perspectives 
International Conference on Cultural and Global Criminology 
27 – 29 June 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands 
Keynote speakers:
• Prof. Yvonne Jewkes (University of Kent)  
• Prof. Stephanie Kane (Indiana University) 
• Prof. Keith Hayward (University of Copenhagen) 
• Prof. Máximo Sozzo (National University of the Littoral)
Since 2012, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Cultural and Global Criminology (DCGC Programme), a cooperation between the University of Kent, Utrecht University, ELTE Budapest and University Hamburg, has been training and supervising 37 PhD candidates from all over the world on exciting topics in the field of cultural and global criminology. Staff and PhD candidates from three associate partners (Middlesex University London, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Ghent University) have also been active in conducting research in these fields. 
The growth of interest and expertise in the areas of cultural and global criminology has also been reflected in different networks and venues, such as the annual conferences of the American Society of Criminology and the European Society of Criminology, the Dutch and English networks on Cultural Criminology (with six national and international conferences held in London, Amsterdam and Utrecht), and the expansion of networks and curricular programmes in the fields of Globalisation and Crime, Green Criminology, or International Security. 
The conference Global Issues, Cultural Perspectives, pursues three main aims: 
  1. To promote and disseminate the work of young (PhD) researchers working in the fields of cultural and global criminology; 
  2. To exchange and update knowledge being produced by the growing mass of consolidated and starting researchers in the fields of global and cultural criminology, particularly in the areas of eco-crime, crimes of the powerful, transnational organized crime, international security, human rights, migration and media; 
  3. To encourage and facilitate new partnerships at research and educational levels between individuals or institutions working in the fields of cultural and global criminology. 
The conference is organized by the Utrecht School of Law (UU) and is financially supported by the Erasmus+ DCGC program and its four main academic partners. It will be held over three days (27-29 June 2018), featuring four keynote speakers (first and last sessions, to be announced in February) and parallel panel sessions with a maximum of three presenters per panel. 
Next to the regular sessions, an event will be organised to facilitate potential (new or existing) collaborations between individuals or organizations in the fields of education and research on cultural and global criminology.
The registration fee is € 100.- and € 25.- for PhD candidates. For past and present DCGC candidates the conference is free. To complete registration, please send an email to Carin Schnitger ( before 15 April 2018 (Please mention the title of the conference, “Global Issues, Cultural Perspectives” in your email). The programme will be available mid May 2018. For additional questions, please contact Damián Zaitch ( or Dina Siegel (